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feizhu's Reviews

       06 Nov 2016 at 7:07 pm
    Category: Deli and Cafe
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Was here to celebrate my 6th Anniversary with my missus to an afternoon of indulgence. We made a reservation online and advised that it was our anniversary.

    Honestly, i did not expect anything special from indicating our anniversary but was greeted by a nice table mat, free sparkling wine and chocolates on top of a 20% discount off the bill. The discount is due to booking online, not the anniversary.

    Into the review proper, i have to say the service we experienced was very good. Unobtrusive staff and very friendly people made the meal an enjoyable one.

    The food is a mixed bag. The quality is definitely there and we enjoyed the cold cuts and seafood which were sadly not being refilled fast enough, stuff like the alaskan crab legs, lobsters and oysters specifically are being wiped out real quick as usual. The sashimi corner lacked the usual chawan mushi (steamed eggs) usually found in the corner and the fish, though fresh, was somehow less sweet.

    What we did enjoy was the lobster bisque, the indian food location which was great but could have been better with butter chicken addition and the desserts. The meats section is pretty good as well with an entire wagyu leg on display which is simply huge!

    We also enjoyed the clean environments and comfortable atmosphere where we stayed all the way till closing of lunch at 3pm.

    In the end, an enjoyable buffet lunch which is good value for big eaters.

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    2. Fu Zhou Poh Hwa   
       06 Nov 2016 at 6:53 pm
    Category: Hawker Centres
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Hidden in the corner of Berseh food centre is this rather obscure and seemingly quiet little store.

    The owners are silently slogging away at all the preparations, blending, cutting, frying and repeat since the morning they start till closing time.

    Do not let the quiet facade trick you, there's always a queue regardless of the time. The only truth is how long you'll need to wait since everything is prepared fresh and on the spot. My first visit here, i had to wait around 45 minutes to 1 hour for my order of the 2 oysters cakes in this post.

    This is an acquired taste which may or may not be for everyone. The batter is paper thin and filled with yummy ingredients from minced pork, oysters, prawns, peanuts, parsley and silver fish then fried in oil. What you get is a really unique tasting fuzhou snack thats just bursting with flavor.

    It basically tastes like a salty prawn/oyster combination biscuit when you have it freshly friend. Take away is fine but the best taste is had dining on the spot with their chili sauce.

    Give it a chance and see if its your kind of snack. Chances are, you'll enjoy it.

    Rating given:Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5

       06 Nov 2016 at 6:47 pm
    Category: Coffee Shops
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Chanced upon this place on Saturday morning from a namecard my father picked up.

    It was quite a surprise when i arrived at 930am to a long queue.

    Price of food is quite reasonable and portion size is pretty big. The shop itself has a nice hong kong vibe to it and is airy and comfortable.

    The signature porridge is an old style porridge, which means its boiled so long its watery, with a variety of ingredients. Meat balls, cuttle fish, sliced ginger and fish are hidden in the porridge while the top is adorned with fried pig intestines. All the ingredients tasted great but do remember to stir the porridge to give it a good mix as the soy sauce or mixture of fish and soy sauce is found near the bottom.

    Never one to eat pig intestines, i tried 2 pieces and found it very fragrant with the special taste only pig intestines will have. Its an acquired taste but one that is fast disappearing in Singapore. From the long queue however, you can tell that many people still remember and love this kind of cuisine. A few patrons asked specifically for just the fried intestines and porridge only. So my guess is that its a love it or hate it thing.

    The beehoon is pretty tasty with the chili sauce but i found it a tad expensive. Eating it together with the porridge might yield a different feeling and at $1.20 for just the bee hoon, its a pretty good deal. The fried chicken wing has a mild har cheong (prawn paste) like taste which is quite pleasing.

    Overall, pretty decent breakfast i would say. If you're in the area, try it if you like this style of food.

    Rating given:Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5

       06 Nov 2016 at 6:35 pm
    Category: Hawker Centres
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Having queued for 2 hours previously at the woodlands outlet, it was with much trepidation that i went to the old airport outlet to give it a second try. I was there early on a Friday evening and there was a queue, though not as long a queue as the Woodlands outlet.

    The best part is how the soup tastes completely different from the previous visit. Our last visit, which was almost the same time, had the soup already mostly sold out and ended with a 2 hour wait and no meat and no prawns.

    The soup during that visit was still thick but more salty and had a char (smokey) taste. This time, there was no such issue and we had the full experience. The soup was slightly different between the crayfish version and the normal version.

    The crayfish version was much sweeter and stronger in taste and i loved it. The meat, which is all made in house, was generous in portion and all the seafood present was fresh. My wife felt that the meat was not as good as they blended in the cartilage and soft bones of the pork. Still, we both loved the soup and this is going to be many repeat visits in the making. The fact that its closer to our house now is a big bonus.

    If you've not tried this yet, stop reading and go eat it now. Its worth the price, time and all the hype there was behind it.

    Rating given:Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5

       06 Nov 2016 at 6:03 pm
    Category: Deli and Cafe
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Cupcakes have always been a mystery to me.

    Its mysterious that something so simple can be so tempting, beautiful and tasty. Its mysterious that it can have so many different iterations and still continue to mesmerize people from far and wide.

    Plain vanilla is one of those cupcake places that i just keep returning to. I love almost all their cupcakes with a particular liking for their mainstays and daily specials as well. With holloween around the corner, i'm sure the talented chefs already have something up their sleeve.

    Cupcakes here go at around $4 a pop depending on the ingredients used and you can definitely taste what you're paying for. Having said that, i shared the above with a few friends and their acceptance of the various flavors varied from love to cringe because one of them hates sugar. The overall consensus for that tasting was that the flavors were strong.

    So give it a try if you're in the vicinity and judge for yourself if its your kind of cupcake. It certainly is my kind of cupcake and i'll be back for more.

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       06 Nov 2016 at 5:57 pm
    Category: Hawker Centres
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Curry puffs are a sin that's difficult to put down.

    Not all curry puffs are created equal though and J2 serves one of the best i've had the privilege to try. Despite being fried in oil, the skin of the puff is not oily and extremely flaky. Seriously flaky, so make sure there's a plate to contain the flakes. The inside of the puff is filled with potatoes and bits of chicken and tends to be more moist.

    I had my curry puff around 1 hour after i bought it and it still tasted superb. It looks and reminds me a little of A1 curry puffs in its flakiness but its definitely much better tasting.

    If you're near and like curry puffs, definitely go for it.

    Rating given:Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5

    7. A Noodle Story   
       25 Oct 2016 at 8:56 pm
    Category: Hawker Centres
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Next generation hawkers.

    I love that idea and have been seeking them out just to try their food and support local businesses. I also enjoy seeing the evolution of food in the hawker scene. Its exciting just thinking about what new novelties we'll see evolve over the next few years.

    A noodle story is one such evolution that has won an accolade in the Michelin guides bib gourmand list.

    The queue when i went at 11am in the morning was about 20 people strong and lasted till 12pm before me and my colleague finally got a bowl of ramen goodness.

    To say ramen is a little misleading, i'd say its more of a wanton noodle made in japanese ramen style. Maybe its a way to justify for a higher price, maybe its truly ramen. Either way, the only thing that matters, is whether it tasted good.

    And to this old/new blogger, it certainly did taste good. I loved this new age bowl of wanton mee/ ramen. From the sweet broth accompaniment, to the friend potato prawns, braised pork, noodles, onsen egg and wantons. I found each item to be equally well made with an attention to detail that is fantastic. The prawns were piping hot and i read they were not made in house but tasted sweet and crunchy. The braised pork melts in your mouth and the onsen egg was made perfectly. Runny in the middle and cooked just nice on the whites. The wantons, each one, was crunchy and worked well with the shallot heavy sauce and noodle. The noodle itself was perfectly cooked, springy and full throughout.

    My colleague felt it was good. I felt it was worth many repeat visits with friends and more friends.

    The only downside, the queue.

    Otherwise, bravo gentlemen!

    For more, please visit:

    Rating given:Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5

       25 Oct 2016 at 8:49 pm
    Category: Hawker Centres
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    This is a popular spot now. Went down on Saturday at 11am and the queue was pretty long with all the hype currently.

    Located at a hawker centre in Ang Mo Kio, this is one of those new generation hawker stalls where the owners are younger and comes with a twist. Having said that, i wholly encourage this trend because hawker fare is a lost art and the new life injected by new ideas brought in currently certainly bring a good vibe. Listening to table talk at the hawker area, it seems the entire family is running 3 stalls in the same corner, the hokkien noodles, the western food and the prawn noodle stall. Way to go guys!

    The prawn noodles come in a variety of servings, the cheapest being $5 and the premium lobster or grilled lobster versions cost upwards to $24.50 per serving.

    We opted for the mid range noodle because we wanted to try the soup base most of all.

    Sorry about the sad looking photo. Looking around us, we saw much better presented bowls of noodles with lots of ingredients for the premium bowls and what seemed to be a thicker, darker and richer broth. We queued 40 minutes for this so i wasn't going to queue another round for another bowl unfortunately.

    The broth different then expected. Its more watery and has a saltier taste most likely because of the garlic and clams used to boil the broth. The taste of prawn is more subtle in our bowl. I enjoyed the white bee hoon they used for the carbo portion of the meal. The prawns were big sea prawns and were crunchy, sweet and partially shelled. The clams were juicy and fit well with the broth.

    For some reason, i guess the owners forgot or ran out of fish cake for our bowl so we didn't get to try it.

    Overall, given what we did get to try, i'd say i'll be back to try the lobster versions because it looks so good and the broth should be different.

    Go with an open mind, try, give feedback and support local hawkers.

    You can see more here:

    Rating given:Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5

       25 Oct 2016 at 8:46 pm
    Category: Hawker Centres
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    Been dying to try this premium char siew noodle for at least 5 months without success due to limited and overcrowded parking and pure bad luck. I love trying my luck and not doing much research you see, so i ended up trying to eat there on the 2 days (Monday and Friday) when the shop was closed.

    So this round, i was fortunate enough to be there when the shop was opened on a Saturday 8th October 2016. Even then, it was also pure luck that we managed to eat the legendary char siew as we were the last 2 orders before it was sold out for the day. And that was at 10am after a 40 minute queue.

    Expectations were high for this as it was featured on the Taiwan show Iwalker where a local chef recommended this stall to James from Taiwan who was suitably impressed.

    For $5, the char siew was generous as can be seen in the photo. Thick juicy slices with a thin layer of fat marbling the meat and both plates came with the extremely delicious caramelized side of the roast. The meat is springy, adequately sweet and fragrant and definitely different from typical roasts. The noodles were a hit and miss as my wife reported hers as slightly mushy. Mine on the other hand was perfectly done.
    The wantons were sweet and filling despite its size. And the green chili really added to the taste of the entire dish. This is significant because i don't eat green chili but i loved what was served here.

    Excellent hawker fare and worth a visit. Be early to avoid disappointment.

    You can also check out more information or stalls in Tiong Bahru Market at this site which i find immensely useful.

    Or support my blog here:

    Rating given:Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5

    10. Sin Lee Foods   
       25 Oct 2016 at 8:36 pm
    Category: Deli and Cafe, Western
    Lucardia Lucardia says:

    This is a short review of the Aburi Mentaiko Burger served by Sin Lee Foods.

    Located in a rather obscure location in Tiong Bahru, Sin Lee falls under one of those restaurants with old names and locations with brand new ideas and food. The location is behind Tiong Bahru plaza, up a small hill of HDB flats and right under a HDB block.

    It took a while to get there but its not difficult to find.

    The place was nice and quaint and had a good number of people there on a weekday afternoon, filling up about two thirds of the place.

    The burger is nicely toasted with a hint of butter. The pork is reminiscent of shabu shabu pork in that it came in multiple boiled slices. I counted 6 reasonably long sliced pork slathered with a milky sauce that tastes like a cross between mayo and thousand island may be thousand island for all i know but it tastes good together.

    At $14 with no gst and service charge, the burger is of decent value and tastes decent.

    I enjoyed the relatively quiet lunch at this place and felt that another visit and another sample dish might be in order.

    Rating given:Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

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