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68 orchard road
Plaza Singapura, #03-23
Telephone: (65) 6837-0650
Restaurants » American, Desserts
Photos of Swensens (plaza Singapura) - RestaurantsPhotos of Swensens (plaza Singapura) - Restaurants

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     12 Mar 2013 at 11:06 pm

    If you like Ice-Cream, you must really pop by the Swensens outlet. They serve a good choice of flavours since I was a little girl. I love the various sundae creations that is available in the menu and if you ask me, my absolute favourite is definitely good old banana split and the colt tower (S$10.80). Yes the price as increased through the years however, eating ice-cream here brings back many fond memories, to a certain extent that I feel younger...

    For birthday celebrations, the EARTHQUAKE is a must have... Though its messy and leaves a mud looking pile of melted something when everybody have had their share of messing up this Gigantic Sundae, for sure everybody have had a GREAT TIME... Celebrations are usually messy.

    Also, don't forget the french fries.. its been a culture in swensens to order their french fries when you order your ice-cream sundae, and for this combo, you do get a few dollars off your french fries that are chunky and juicy with 2 side dips, tartar and bbq... They used to provide 3 however this combo sure slaps up loads of calories....

    I mean if you like desserts, they do serve lots of sweet delectable items.. another of my favourite is the apple crumble served in a sizzling skillet with a huge scoop of ice cream and caramel for you to drizzle on. So is the banana crumble.. its as yummy and more creamy...

    I've had dinner here too... the mains are a good mix of pasta, baked rice, pizza which is around (S$13.90 - S$19) and beef, fillets and fried seafood / chicken (S$10- S$25...). I've tries some of the mains and its not exceptionally good...

    1) Mac and Cheese - Its rather normal, cheesy and really just macaroni and cheese.. nothing else and its a little to scary to eat all of this alone.

    2) Braised Beef Baked Rice - Beef cubes soft and well flavoured. The entire baked rice is infused with the stewed beef sauce and covered with a layer of yummy crusted cheese. Its really nice but filling....

    3) Seafood aglio alio - Nice spread of seafood yet its a little too spicy.. other than that.. its light and yummy.

    4) Soft shell crab fried rice - Simple and plain.. Its just fried rice with a deep fried soft shell crab... and the presentation looks boring.

    5) Pan seared salmon steak on squid ink pasta (S$17.90) - I must say... i thought it would be good as this a special monthly item on the march menu, however, I was dismayed. The squid ink pasta does not taste exceptionally squid ink, i think not enough ink from this squid. Black pastas are usually exciting and bursting with flavor and character however this one lacks all. The salmon stick is of a good portion, though crispy on the outside the steak is too thick and it tasted pretty blend on the inside.

    Service is pretty good, staff is quick and attentive. Will come back however will expect better food presentation and taste!

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. cornelia
       29 Mar 2011 at 6:01 pm

      First time experience was average. The ice cream buffet has a lot of selection to go around. No chance to try all the types. They have a variety of toppings, but the ice cream itself is already nice,some ice cream flavours never heard of before too.

      But can still make improvements in ambience and price cause it is expensive but its just dessert. I also recommend this place for buffet when in large groups, children/family, girls night out. The atmosphere is vibrant and lively. Must try their main dishes before you try their ice-creams in case you think it is not worth it cause the ice-cream buffet is after all expensive and if you come there without eating a decent meal you might just end up in the loo

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. mik
         24 Nov 2008 at 11:25 am
           Swensens (plaza Singapura) - Restaurants

        went there for the earthquake with my friends. as usual the ice cream of swensens were really nice and rich in flavour. there were a lot of flavours to choose from though most of them were more on the sweet side. suitable for people with a sweet tooth.

        but this time we were surprised that the manager of the restaurant was really friendly. he told us about the executive set lunch offer available (weekdays between a specific time, you get complimentary desert and drinks for pain courses ordered) in a humorous way. he continued to put a smile on even when we said we do not want it. such good service deserves a thumbs up!

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        Rating given:3 stars
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