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About Us

Singapore's Lifestyle Review Community - "The Better Choice" is a Singapore Lifestyle guide for everyone. You can read and write reviews on shopping, services, food, restaurants, places and anything that is lifestyle oriented. Best of all, the reviews are written by you! And that's what the Yebber community is about: Real people visiting real places and sharing their genuine and honest experiences with the community. So whether you have something good or not so good to say about a place or service, is your outlet to share! is constantly looking for ways to grow the community and reward Yebbers who are active contributors and participants.

Yebbers can accumulate Yebber Dollars (Y$) for their contributions to the Yebber community. In turn, accumulated Y$ can be exchanged for cold hard cash (Singapore Dollars)! If you have not signed up as a member and become an active contributor, don't wait, sign up now.

Who We Are

The People behind - The Company

  • A team of young and younger crew who pay too much attention to the services and quality of products where ever we go.
  • was initially started to provide a channel for everyone to complain about the not-so-friendly businesses in Singapore. But we later discovered that complimenting others is so much better and fun (although occasionally the complaining spirit takes over).
  • A community of like-minded was thus formed and together we grew to form the Yebber community.

The People behind the reviews

  • You!

Hope you get the picture now. Yebber is about YOU and YOUR experience. We are just here for YOU! Sounds corny. Well maybe.


March 2008: Read about our first anniversary party held at Mint Museum of Toys.

What others say about Yebber

Yebber has an extensive network of active reviewers, passionate about the lifestyle & dining trends in Singapore. Their personal experiences shared via Yebber provides our potential businesses with useful credible information they need to know and is a great promotional channel especially for new businesses. - Mandy, Marketing at Mint Museum of Toys


What is Yebber?

Yebber is an online review site with opinions left by real people in...

Do I have to pay to use the service?

It is FREE! All information ( with the exception of some copywrited photographs ) on our website is...

Do I have to pay to register as a Yebber to post information?

This is also FREE! Registration is simple and you can post your reviews instantly...

Why be a Yebber? is likened to an online community, an ingathering of Yebbers who likes to share information and...

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Are You A Business Owner?

How can Yebber Reviews help my business?

In more ways than one. Yebber can be likened to an online opinion database for all kinds of businesses and services provided in Singapore. If your business is listed and reviewed at Yebber, you can be sure that there will be thousands of people reading it and getting to know more about your shop or service. Word of mouth marketing has never been bigger.

I found a review of my business on Yebber. What should I do?

Be happy and get involved! Your business has been noticed and reviewed by someone who visited your shop, so become part of the Yebber community - either as an individual reviewer or a business owner managing your business influence on Yebber.

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Advertise with Us

Advertise On Yebber

Yebber now has avenues for businesses to place advertisements on different spots in This will allow your business to gain just the right exposure that you desire. With thousands of page views per day to, you can easily reach out to both members and visitors and drive more traffic to your business.

Starting from September 1 2007, Yebber has designed several marketing features that would allow businesses to make the best use of the increasing consumer traffic at our website. These would include sponsored links, banners, electronic newletters and search keywords. The following provides a brief snapshot of how the advertisements will be placed on

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Yebber Dollars

Participate And Accumulate Your Yebber$!

In recognition of your participation, will reward each member with Yebber$ for adding business, invite friends, posting reviews etc. The Yebber$ earned will be automatically accumulated in your account. All Yebber$ earned up to previous month can be exchanged for cash or gifts on a monthly basis based on the current month's exchange rate.

What should I do to earn Yebber$?

Simply sign up as a Yebber member if you have not already done so and start sharing your experiences. Each contribution you make, eg, add a new business, view a review, post a review and/or view an advertisement etc, will be recorded automatically and assigned with an appropriate YD in your account.

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Yebber Ambassadors


Being a Yebber Ambassador brings you so much more benefits! And it’s not just for you alone, your love one might just get pampered too!

As Yebber Ambassador, you’ll be able to enjoy…

  • * Exclusive previews to our events/ programmes
  • * Sponsored dining and shopping spree as Yebber’s Secret Shopper
  • * Special discount from our partners and advertisers
  • * No Expiry for your Yebber Dollars
  • * ... and more to come!

Who can apply?

Any male or female who...

  • * is a member of Yebber
  • * has at least 10 reviews on Yebber over the past 3 months
  • * enjoys writing reviews and share their experiences online
  • * loves meeting new friends and experimenting with new ideas
  • * enjoy using Yebber and share the site with family and friends

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