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Beauty and Wellness category

1. Platform Salon-Andy Chong

Category: Hair Salons
Reviews: 38 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 4.9473684210526 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I have been a loyal fan of Andy Chong from Platform since 1997 / 98. He never fails to cut my hair which makes everyone turns head.. Sitting in his salon, most of the time is me telling him if I want to keep my hair long or snip off and keep it short.. But really, most of the time, I leave it to him to make decisions, me just sitting there and wait..." [Read more reviews about Platform Salon-Andy Chong]

2. True Spa

Category: Spas
Reviews: 34 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 1.3823529411765 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I am also one of the victim of True Spa. I have the same experience as everyone here. I have already filed a case against them in SCT for a refund of the unused session. However their stand is no refund is possible and they are willing to proceed to hearing with full confident that they will win the case. The arrogant look on their representative's..." [Read more reviews about True Spa]

3. New York Skin Solutions

Category: Skin Care
Reviews: 25 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 1.92 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"If you are going for a free trial, don't bring your credit card Lor. Then there is no way they could force you to sign any package. If they refuse to provide the free service, then they better be prepared for the consequence. For me, I will file a complaint to CASE or sue them for false advertisement ! I have tried other free facial voucher that..." [Read more reviews about New York Skin Solutions]

4. Adeline Face And Body (Jurong east)

Category: Skin Care
Reviews: 10 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 1.7 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I cant believe I actually fell into their trap too, and looking at these reviews, they actually happened since so long ago. I walked by the corridor and was offered the sample and the student rate facial. I did once and after that session, she immediately started hard selling and no matter how much I refused, she just went on and write on her accou..." [Read more reviews about Adeline Face And Body (Jurong east)]

5. Chapter 2

Category: Hair Salons
Reviews: 9 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 2 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I went to Chapter 2 @Plaza Singapura. This is possibly one of the worst hair "salons" in Singapore. Calling it a "hair/beauty salon" defaces other legitimate salons. The 'stylists' at chapter 2 are merely pillocks who happen to be able to hold a pair of scissors. Absolutely terrible. I asked the 'stylist' to cut my fringe about an inch shorter..." [Read more reviews about Chapter 2]

6. Spa Dor (Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade)

Category: Spas
Reviews: 8 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 1.75 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I visited multiple web pages except the audio feature for audio songs current at this web site is actually fabulous." [Read more reviews about Spa Dor (Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade)]

7. Tony Young Hairdressing

Category: Hair Salons
Reviews: 7 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 4.2857142857143 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"This is the seventh hairdresser (Tony Young Hairdressing)I have tried since arriving in Singapore one year ago, and is the best by far. I had colour by Dan Li, which was fabulous. She was very honest with what she could and coudn't do for me (I was having a bad colour job fixed). On top of that, the salon itself is the most welcoming and friendly s..." [Read more reviews about Tony Young Hairdressing]

8. I-beauty Medispa (Ang Mo Kio)

Category: Slimming Centre
Reviews: 7 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 2.7142857142857 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"Your blog post are constantly great and also very informative, I take my time to read through it, and share it on facebook thank you and keep up the good work. What a great content you have here, truly appreciate all your blog post, I was following you for a very long time now thank you and God bless you. A good blog post you have here..." [Read more reviews about I-beauty Medispa (Ang Mo Kio)]

9. Flhair Studio

Category: Hair Salons
Reviews: 6 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 4.3333333333333 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
Photos of Flhair Studio - Beauty and Wellness
"Hi! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok. I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts. my blog post [url=]gta mobile legend v 0.1[/url]..." [Read more reviews about Flhair Studio]

10. Visage Salon (Orchard Delfi)

Category: Skin Care
Reviews: 6 reviews 
Singapore Beauty and Wellness Review: 3.3333333333333 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I went to Visage because I was nervous about having my hair coloured (natural redhead) and he claims to have done his training in the UK and a Caucasian specialist! Well he spent a few minutes with me & then handed me over to a woman that I am sure had not done her training in the UK! $350 later!!! Who did I pay for? The owner or the p..." [Read more reviews about Visage Salon (Orchard Delfi)]

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