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Ang Mo Kio ave 3 Blk 302 Tel: 6459 8178/ 6459 9379
55 Tras Street Tel: 6220 2550 / Bedok Central tel: 64486607
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Telephone: (65) 64598178/ 6220-2550
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    » 7 Reviews for “I-beauty Medispa (Ang Mo Kio) ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. SKL
     20 Nov 2013 at 11:42 am

    I am a customer of ibeautymediaspa @amk, since late July 2013.

    I've always enjoyed visiting slimming centres, any big names that you know, I would have been there. Until I go to ibeauty mediaspa, my results previously were never sustainable, or rather, the end results were not as spectacular as I am experiencing with the treatments at ibeauty.

    Yes, ibeauty guaranteed a 5kg lost for one course, with us complimenting the programme with no-carbo diet. We have to take cucumber only for the one day after the 1st treatment. This is to assist in the initial detox.

    At times, they would introduce cupping and this is to aid in lymphatic drainage and I would say, this is very effective on me. With the same intake of water, comparatively, I visit the toilet more often then usual and my weight would drop the next day.

    I attained a 5kg lost in about 6 weeks and I must say, I am happy with the results. The duration taken to achieve for everyone is different, I would say. Pending on individual health conditions, the experience during this journey may differ for everyone. I knew I had hormones imbalance conditions and by able to achieve the desired results, though it took me 6 weeks, I am very happy with the treatment and experience. When my colleagues saw the results in me, 4 of them signed up even without myself "selling" to them and they approached me. Two of them achieved 5kg lost within 3 weeks!!

    After the first 5kg lost, I did fat freeze on my tummy areas, coupled with body sculpting. The weight lost does not stop at 5kg. With the positive effect from the metabolite treatment, the body continues to "works" effectively.

    At times, I do indulge with food and i do take alcohol, but i supposed all these indulgence must go with moderation. I went for work trips and after 6days of indulgence in food and alcohol, i put on a 700g and the following day after one body sculpting treatment, my weight drop by 900g. i am amazed too. But i suppose its the positive effect from the first course of metabolite treatment :)

    Since the first day I started the programme, 20th July 2013, I've lost 12kg. I just took my body measurement (on my own accord) couple of days ago and I realised that my waist was smaller by 3inch compared to 6 weeks ago! and hips area reduce by 1.5inch.

    I felt confident with the programme and I am currently going into the 2phase for a further 5kg lost.

    I will not hesitate to share my positive experience with anyone and recommend ibeauty mediaspa.

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. thinkefy
      thinkefy said:
      Hi, any images or information for references?
      20 Nov 2013 at 11:46 am
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  2. kate
     30 Aug 2013 at 10:35 am

    Part 1:-

    Hello, I am a customer at I- Beauty Medi Spa at AMK Blk 713.

    I’ve read a lot of reviews and have found out negative reviews on them. If I will have seen all this reviews it save my heart pain for the $2,500 spent. For those who goggled I-Medi Spa you’re lucky you stumbled upon my post hence this post will prepare you for all sorts of nonsense, lost of $$ which you have to face there. :(

    I am writing this base on my Own personal experience and i do not represent i-medi Spa Pte Ltd in anyway and you may choose to or not to believe my words but i will like to share with all the ladies out there who may intend to sign up a programme with them.

    Regretfully, I have signed up for a 15 sessions slimming package for the price of $2,500 at I-Beauty Medi Spa PL which guarantee a 5Kg lost in 3 weeks time.

    Here goes my personal experience. First, a brief 15mins consultation was conducted, basically exchange views on your diet plan and ideal weight lost and of course $$$ paid. *Note:-During the consultation, they confirmed and gurantee that they will definitely lost at least minimum 5kg in 3 weeks time. They also promised should they fail to accomplish it they will give me follow-up f.o.c treatments untill i lose at least 5kg. As i am not more than 8kg overweight they even ensure me that 15 sessions of Metabolite treatment is good enough for me.

    Next, a strict High Protein Zero Fat Diet plan was given and it is very important u must follow it very strictly. Hence, for every single weight you gain even 100g (after drinking water) you will be penalised and marked for not following the diet which i definitely did. There are reasons why the diet to me is not ideal. My experience during the first day were nausea, giddiness, constant hunger and lose of concentration by just taking cucumber throughout the day. Subsequently, high protein meals like hard boiled eggs, boiled skinless Chicken/Duck meat and tomato or 1 fruit only for dinner. I would say not much of varieties for the diet plan kind of boring, strict and rigid. I followed the diet strictly lost about 1.5-2 kg initially which bounced back immediately when I stopped eating cucumber & drink water. During my recent health check, I realised that this diet resulted in my high cholesterol problem, (could be the daily intake of eggs/duck meat i suspect) Urinal acid (due to too high protein in d diet) which I have never encounter b4. I was shocked and only to discover from my family doctor that it is dangerous and not recommendable to go on a high protein diet hence not everybody is suitable and it can cause health complications. At least, true for me in this case.

    Next, the treatment wasn’t a pleasant one either. I was given Cupping treatment which claimed to heal, drain excess fluids and toxins to loosen adhesion and bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin by creating the suction and negative pressure. I have only one word to describe the treatment extremely very painful and leaving many ugly marks all over d body as compared to the cupping therapy i did at Jurong which is much more relaxing and mildly painful. Anyway, it is not effective I didn’t lose much after the cupping therapy . Anyway,15 sessions of $2,500 doing cupping only is damn expensive i would say and worst not effective for my weight lost. Btw, during the treatment, I have asked the staff why cupping when i signed up 15 sessions of Metabolite. (note:- when they do cupping they deduct my metabolite treatment accordingly only 1 treatment making 1 sesson of cupping at $140.00 compare to TCM only $40) and what are the benefit of cupping no one can answer me professionally. I would say Poor knowledge is the impression given to me for I-Beauty Medi-Spa PL staff. In conclusion, i did not lose much, weight bounce back very easily and protein diet makes my health condition worsen.

    For ladies, who are keen to lose weight or want to know more about their diet plan i am willing to provide you the diet plan do not waste your hard earned money there. It is still exercise to make slimming a successful one.

    Conclusion,:- Highly not recommended for the poor management,(*daughter&mum not constant in their speech), lousy service, (*daughter constantly on her H/P while talking to customers) hard selling and most important no business ethics.(*once,15 sessions is due they immediately want to close case and chase customer away forgetting totally d gurantee minimum 5kg lost and follow-up treatment). Horrible and worst encounter i experience.

    My Lesson learnt in life heart still bleeding/heart pain now going to i-medi spa i half "Sian" already. :(

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. andyedward
      andyedward said:
      are you sure this business deserves a 5 star?
      30 Aug 2013 at 5:30 pm
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  3. Skinnylatte
     07 Jun 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Hi gals! Just to share my own personal experience. I was introduced to the I-Beauty Medispa slimming treatment by my colleague. Because she lost a tremendous amount of weight within like, a month. I went to the Amk Central Blk 713 branch. The staff are all very nice and friendly. Not pushy at all. The consultant, who is also the daughter of the boss, took me step by step through what I can expect from the treatment. I was told that I would need to follow some kind of diet before I even signed. So definitely, no nasty surprises. The diet is not restrictive. Just no starch allowed and only fruits/vegetables for dinner. No portion control. Basically, I was not feeling hungry throughout the treatments. I lost 7kgs in about 3 weeks, dropped almost 2 dress sizes, and felt energetic and look radiant. I am still their regular customer, though now I go there for health supplementary programs. No slimming anymore, of course. I must say discipline is the key. You cannot expect to lose weight while eating junk all the time. I have recommended many of my friends there, and will continue to do so.

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. Leenie Pigs
      Leenie Pigs said:
      Seemed like I-beauty Medispa is not as bad as they say :)
      07 Jun 2013 at 1:51 pm
    2. kate
      kate said:
      Wonder, if this review is true or is it put up by the Hazel herself from I-Beauty Medispa?
      30 Aug 2013 at 8:41 am
    3. thinkefy
      thinkefy said:
      u have a point.. .. :(
      20 Nov 2013 at 11:48 am
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