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What is Yebber?

Yebber is an online review site with opinions left by real people in real situations. You can find information on where to shop, eat, catch a movie, relax, revitalize and get the honest opinions of people who have been there, done it and have something good or not so good to say about the place.

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Is there such a word as Yebber?

Not until tomorrow. yebber [pronounced as \?ye-b?r\] noun : talk, jabber

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Do I have to pay to use the service?

It is FREE! All information ( with the exception of some copywrited photographs ) on our website is free for public access.

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Do I have to pay to register as a Yebber to post information?

This is also FREE! Registration is simple and you can post your reviews instantly. Upon registering, you will be able to post reviews, send personal message and have fun in the community.

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Why be a Yebber? is likened to an online community, an ingathering of Yebbers who likes to share information and find information about places, peoples and things. This network keeps people informed about the best, not so good, maybe worst, and most interesting things out there. Find and connect with other Yebbers in the community and share ideas on how to make the world a better place.

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Am I already a Yebber?

All of us are Yebbers. We like to talk about what interest us, right? Then we also like to voice our opinions on things that irk us or fascinate us, true? So if you are in the know about what�s hot and happening in your locality and enjoy sharing your experience with your pals, is the place.

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Who will find useful?

Anyone who likes to search for anything, and find out if it is worthwhile to spend time there will find useful. If you are a tourist wanting to find out more about the locality or a new resident of the country, will give you an insider�s view of things. If you would like to find out the service levels of certain businesses, or to discover new and exciting places to visit, just browse and hear what other Yebbers have to say.

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Is my identity protected from the public?

All visitors to will be able to see your nickname (compulsory), first and last name (only if you enter them). You are not required to provide any other personal information in order to register and post reviews.

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What can I review at

You can state your opinion about almost any businesses, shops, and places of interest under the sun. Your honest opinion is what we value most. Just bear in mind, the business to be reviewed must be within Singapore.

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Are product reviews allowed?

Yebber is a business review site and does not have the facility for dedicated product reviews at this point in time. Examples of product reviews are movies, consumer electronics, beauty products, cars, handphones, etc. Feel free to review on the cinemas, electronic stores, beauty shops or online shops though....and while you are at that, you can mention what you purchased at the shop!

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Is there anything that I should not be saying at

Anything that is not honest and true. Do watch your language too. We do not tolerate expletives and defamatory words against any person or organization. Your opinions are moderated by our team of moderators and any posting that is deemed offensive will be removed from the system.

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What if I am not able to find the category that I need?

Yes, we recognize that at times, the category or sub category that you want to make your postings does not exist! Just insert your review with the closest category and email us at [email protected] and we will add the category after getting the approval from the moderators. Yes, we have to stress that some categories will never find its way into Yebber. Being a family oriented site, we have to screen out certain undesirable content.

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What if I make a mistake in my posting?

If you are the creator of the posting, you will be given rights to make amendments and even delete* your posting. So no worries, just say what you need to say. If you decide to add more in the future, just edit it within limited time frame, of course.

*Deleting of posting is only allowed within a specific time frame.

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What if I notice a wrong address, phone number or a mistake in the company's particulars?

If you notice any mistakes in the company's particulars, kindly login to your account and click on the link "Edit Business Info" that will appear just next to the Company Name. Fill up the form and send us the details. Once we have received the details, the information will be updated accordingly.

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Does endorse any products or services reviewed by Yebbers? is a fun site for Yebbers of all ages to come together and communicate their opinions, feelings, likes and dislikes. has no part to play in endorsing any activity, service or product reviewed by our members. In other words, we take a neutral position to all reviews.

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