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yd.jpg rewards each member with Yebber$ for adding businesses, inviting friends, posting reviews etc. The Yebber$ earned will be automatically credited into your account. All Yebber$ earned in the previous month can be exchanged for cash or gifts the following month based on the current month's exchange rate.

What should I do to earn Yebber$?

Simply sign up as a Yebber member if you have not already done so and start sharing your experiences! Each contribution you make (e.g. add a new business, view a review, post a review, view an advertisement etc) will be recorded automatically and Yebber$ will be credited.

How do I know how much Yebber$ I have?

You can view the Yebber$ you earned via your personal profile. You will be able to see how much exchangeable and non exchangeable Yebber$ you possess. You can also exchange your Yebber$ if the amount has exceeded pre-required level. (See: How can I exchange my Yebber$ for cash?)

How do I exchange my Yebber$ for Cash?

On 14th of each month, publishes an exchange rate indicating the equivalent S$ for each Yebber$. Based on the exchange rate, you can decide whether you want to exchange Yebber$ earned in the previous month. You can exchange your Yebber$ from 14th of each month when it exceeds Y$700 ( wef 1 Jul 2008, it will be 700YD* ) or if the S$ equivalent exceeds $30.

All requests for Yebber$ withdrawals will be processed at the end of the month and a cheque will be sent within 2 weeks of processing. For example, if you encash your Yebber$ on 20th May 2008, the cheque should arrive by 15 June 2008. If you do not receive your cheque by then, please drop us an email.

*With effect from 1 July 2008, there will be a change to the formula in cashing out your YD. Member must have a residual value of Y$200 after the withdrawal. eg, If your balance is Y$2350, your maximum exchangeable Yebber$ will be Y$2150 and the residual value is Y$200. Note: As more reviews and more businesses are being added everyday, the residual value is required to prevent error in Yebber Dollar computation.

How will the Yebber$ exchange rate be computed?

The Yebber$ exchange rate is determined by several factors including Yebber's revenue and the members' contributions. The more the contribution from Yebbers and revenue earn from, the higher will be the exchange rate. Part of the revenue comes from Google's ad and Yebber's ad.

Activities that earn Yebber$ are as follow:-

  • 1. 10YD - Posting a review
  • 2. 03YD - Adding a new business (repeated businesses will be removed)
  • 3. 03YD - Uploading a photo of a business
  • 4. 01YD - Viewing every 10 business or review pages

The above activities and its associated YD are subject to changes without prior notice.

Daily limit of 7 new reviews per member per day still applies. Daily limit of 7 new business posting per member per day. When the limit exceeds, Y$ will not be rewarded.

Do you earn Yebber$ when you review using the Yebber Android App?

When your review from the Yebber Android App has more than 500 characters, we will count the review as valid. You will be awarded Yebber$. Otherwise, you will not be awarded any Yebber$.

Expiry date of my Yebber$

As with all point redemption systems, there has to be an expiry date. The good news is, Yebber lets you keep your unchanged Yebber$ for two years from date of first review if you stay active. However, if you have been inactive for 3 months, we will expire all Yebber$ earned one year ago from date of inactivity, without further notice.

You are encouraged to keep your account alive by writing valid reviews constantly, at least once in every 3 months. A review is deemed invalid if it is marked as not counted by an ambassador or admin.

For example, if you stopped reviewing in April 2009, then on July 2009 (3 months later), we will expire all Yebber$ you earned before April 2008.

Similarly, if you stay active, we will expire everything you earned before January 2008 on January 2010.

What this means is that you get to keep one year’s worth of Yebber$ if you are inactive, but if you stay active, you get to keep all your Yebber$ for two whole years – more than enough time for you to accumulate Yebber$ to exchange for gifts or cash!

Why did my Yebber$ drop?

If the review is too short, or is not of local context, or not well written or contains purely advertisement messages, the Yebber team has the right to remove it and the associated Yebber$ will be removed automatically.

Similarly, if a business name entered is found to be a duplicate or incomplete (missing address or postal code) or if a picture uploaded is required to be removed due to its content or quality, Yebber$ will also be deducted.

This happens as and when it is spotted or being reported by other Yebbers. Therefore, please do not be alarmed when you see your Yebber$ drop even if you have not exchanged it for cash.

It can also happen after you have withdrawn your Yebber$. In the case the invalid entry is discovered after you have exchanged your Yebber$, the amount will be deducted from your current balance and therefore, you may see a negative value. We will not request you to refund the amount but rather it will deduct from your future earnings.

Terms and Conditions The Yebber$ is computed and awarded to members at the sole discretion of's team and there should be no dispute over the computation method at any time. The Yebber's Team reserves the right to amend the Terms and conditions for Yebber$ and change the Yebber$ associated to each activity as and when is required without notice given to the member.

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