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391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #05-16/17
Beauty and Wellness » Skin Care

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    » 25 Reviews for “New York Skin Solutions ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. Kimberleykwek
     10 Apr 2015 at 7:20 pm

    If you are going for a free trial, don't bring your credit card Lor. Then there is no way they could force you to sign any package. If they refuse to provide the free service, then they better be prepared for the consequence. For me, I will file a complaint to CASE or sue them for false advertisement !

    I have tried other free facial voucher that are sponsored by the salons and these salons really honour what was written on vouchers. They gave you the free facial though I did not signed up any package. In fact, that should be the way to do business, not force sell...

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    1. May-Liu
       04 Oct 2013 at 11:44 pm

      HI all, I should have looked up about NYS solutions before I even walked by their salon. I moved in July and had been under a lot of stress, so I had break out on my face. When I walked by their salon I saw a poster and stopped to look. The consultant came out and kept trying to get me come back for a free session. Well, I showed up the next day, the girl analyzed my facial skin, then we went in for facial. After she did my facial she analyzed my skin again. Then start to promote all kind of packages. I did not realized how expensive all their packages are! The cheapest she show me was 15 sessions for $3300. I said it's too much to spend, I need to think it through. She would not let me leave their without signing up. Long story short, I finished my facial at 8pm but could not leave the salon nearly 9:30 and with a package signed up for $3300. Fast forward, I went back for my 2nd session from my package last week, I was told that my assigned consultant/therapist no longer works at this location. I was assigned to a new therapist! This girl is not that good at all and the worse part was, after my facial she took me into a consulting room to get me to by the collagen supplements. She kept talking and talking. Almost 1 hour later, I could not stand it so I asked how much? She said I need to try minimum from 6 months in order to feel much difference and tried to get me to buy 6-12 months supply. I knew I could not leave there if I did not buy. So now I am stuck with a 3 months supply, paid up front almost $1000 including GST. I was only allowed to take home 1 month supply, I have been trying to take supplement each morning, but it's difficult for me to drink it. I can't stand the taste! Mean while I have not even told my husband about the $1000 I just spent with the salon. My concern is, they will not let me go without forcing me to sign up for more stuff! The are very aggressive! So, be aware if you plan to try them out. You must be strong and determined to walk out of there! Please don't be like me!!!!!

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      1. PJ
         28 Dec 2012 at 2:18 pm


        Yesterday (28-12-12) I made a complaint to one of consultant at New York Skin; she told me that all of these posts are from New York Skin's competitors - not existing/real customers. Is that true??? However, if you are about to sign up any packages with New York Skin, please be aware. I am a real CUSTOMER!!!

        On the first day that I signed up the package, my personal consultant (Jerlyn - New York Skin) took the photo of me and used a tool (like scanner) to analyze my skin. She told me that I needed 20 sessions of collagen treatment to build diamond shape. Then I decided to sign up the package cost $4,400. However, after few sessions of collagen treatment, she told me that I needed other treatments. As I did not see much improvement on the collagen treatment, I agreed to convert 10 sessions of my collagen treatment to another treatment with the top-up $1,800. Every session of my treatments I would bring my friend along. He informed me and Jerlyn about no improvement of my skin. I also told her that my face has no improvement and got worst. And the service is poorer/ treatment session is shorter. Now I got all the marks/scar red and itchy. Then Jerlyn told me that I needed to do another treatment with some top-up. I asked her to show me my photo that she took on the first day to compare; she said it was lost. I pissed off and asked for cancellation and refund. She referred to the Company's policy (which I never saw) that I cannot cancel and if I can I will get nothing. Because they will charge me the full amount of the price and all the FOC items/sessions that they have given me.

        I will bring the case to CASE. Hopefully, they can do something for me as a consumer who has right to consume the products that is worth to my spending.

        I do hope this unfortunate case won’t happen to other again.

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