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442 Orchard Road #02-15
Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6737-0138
Beauty and Wellness » Spas & Massage

A Spa that has all types of services with very amazingly cheap promotions for Radio Frequency RF treatments for face and body. Example 10 sessions for 288 and so on.

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    » 8 Reviews for “Spa Dor (Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade) ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. Isabella Pan
     05 Jun 2015 at 10:43 pm

    My friend and I had an appointment for body massage on 29 May 2015 (Fri) @ 6pm. One day before the appointment date, your staff called me and I had confirmed the appointment.

    On 29 May 2015, we reached the Spa at 6.10pm and there was nobody at the counter. When I saw a lady came out from a room, I waved to her and she ignored me. When she was going back to the room, I waved to her again and she walked towards me. I told her that I had an appointment at 6pm and she checked the appointment book. She said that I had called up to cancel the appointment. I tried to explain to her but she kept repeating that I had cancelled the appointment. I had no choice but to let her listen to the voice recording that the staff had called me yesterday to confirm my appointment. After she heard the conversation, she told me that she had another appointment at 7pm thus she had to stop at 7pm. I told her that I was late for 10mins so the massage should be 50mins instead of 60mins. She disagreed and asked me to make another appointment. I also disagreed because I did not cancel my appointment at all. The masseur kept telling me that she must stop at 7pm. She directed me to the room and by then it was already 6.25pm. The masseur repeatedly told me that she would stop at 7pm and she would only massage my back.

    This is the kind of service they provide to their customers. This is cheating. They start the timing when you step into the spa and not the massage.

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    1. Jen
       15 Oct 2014 at 1:00 am

      Conclusion - Bad Service; Rude and Hot Temper Masseur

      My appointment for a body massage at Spa D'or - Orchard Branch (located at International Building) was with Mary (a masseur). When I arrived, I was attended by Lidar (Thai masseur), without informing me of the reason why Mary was not available. I casually asked Lidar "Why is Mary not attending to me?". Instead of replying to me, Lidar shouted that she 'doesnot know and that if I insists of having Mary I will have to come tomorrow!' She then marched out of the room and next walked in the 'Manager'. I think the manager name is Lenny. The Manager just said 'I did not take your appointment so I don't know your appointment is with Mary. But sorry Mary is off today'. Lidar even shouted at my friend (who went with me to Spa D'or) when asked why she has to shout at me. If the owner, Nicole treasures her customers, she better do something before her regular customers 'run away'! My advise to you readers is think twice before walking into their Orchard branch. You never know when you will be mistreated!

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      1. Muffy
        Muffy said:
        Look like these people should not be in service industry. Thanks to you and others who have highlighted their bad attitude
        15 Oct 2014 at 10:28 am
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    2. spadorsucks
       24 Jun 2014 at 2:52 pm

      Horrible company with terrible service. It's 2014 and they have not improved their services from the past years I see? Bought their deal online because it was cheap but I overlooked researching on their reviews first and I DEEPLY REGRET.

      The staffs there were simply rude. First time I called was to ask to book an appointment but the staff that answered was very impatient and did not bother to answer my questions properly. Kept me waiting for quite a while without apologising and lectured me on why I booked so last minute. Firstly, I WAS ONLY ACQUIRING IF THERE ARE AVAILABLE SLOTS on the following day which makes perfect sense if I wanted to have my massage ASAP. If there weren't slots available the next day, you could have kindly informed me but I don't need a ***** fit on why I asked so late.

      Second time my boyfriend called to book the appointment and he told me that the person left him waiting for 5 minutes on the phone, to which he was rudely being hung up on after that with nobody bothering to call back and explain what the **** just happened?

      Don't even think I will be going for the massage. The service is already a major disappointment.

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      1. Leenie Pigs
        Leenie Pigs said:
        Alamak... sometimes we are also worried that they don't honor their deals online.. good thing they didn't put you into a wild goose chase.
        25 Jun 2014 at 9:53 am
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