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 13 Jun 2017 at 5:56 pm

I cant believe I actually fell into their trap too, and looking at these reviews, they actually happened since so long ago. I walked by the corridor and was offered the sample and the student rate facial. I did once and after that session, she immediately started hard selling and no matter how much I refused, she just went on and write on her accounts book asking me to sign on a package for 10 sessions. I said that I will be leaving for overseas soon and she still forced me to sign a 3 times treatment. I didn't want to pay the full amount and hence I paid an $150 deposit. A few days later, I decided that I did not want the service and called back to ask for a refund. However, they say that it would be very troublesome if I want a refund and it would have to go through a lot of procedures to get my refund done and they offered to change my $150 into 1session (which originally cost ~$98) and a $50 ampoule. I agreed to that. However, when I went to the shop again, they changed their words...   

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