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Winner of our Bi-weekly $100 giveaway: Mervin Lew!

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What do you like about Yebber?

I can see reviews from people on the street for all sorts of different things and services. I know that all the reviews are true and not some sponsored reviews. covers almost everything that can be reviewed.

What is your favourite topic to review?

My favorite topic to review is definitely food. Basically, I live to eat and eating is always on my mind. Haa... So I like to hunt for good food around Singapore and bring my friends to those places that I think are worth dining at.

Why do you enjoy writing reviews?

I enjoyed it because I want to tell other people what I think about the place I had just visited or the food that I had just tasted. So that when they read it, they can decide if they want to give the place or food a chance.

How will you spend your $100 prize money?

I will spend it on good food of course. Haa...

What would you like people to know about Yebber?

I would like them to know that reviews are able to help them decide if the place is worth going for a visit.

What are you waiting for? You can be like Mervin Lew too. Start writing reviews of your favourite places, and WIN!