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April 2009

Yebber Announcement - Copyright Infringement on Reviews

There was a recent spate of users abusing the Yebber system by posting pictures and reviews from other websites and claiming it as their own.

We have since cracked down on the users and we like to remind all users of the following line in Yebber’s Terms of Service.

(2) You agree not to post, distribute, duplicate, copy any copyrighted material, registered trademarks or other privileged and confidential information without the prior written consent of the owners of such information, signed by the authorized party and confirmed by way of company stamp.


Read more about the Copyright Infringement here...


New Features!

There are 2 more new features added for Yebbers! A personal message notification and the ability to add a review to your favourites!

Read more about the new features here!


Video for the feature on CNA

Yebber was featured in season 10 of That’s IT. Presented by Timothy Go, the show went on to elaborate on new media and how you can be rewarded for sharing your opinions on Yebber. There was also an interview with our Ambassador Bobo.

If you did not manage to catch it live on TV, here it is!


Lunch With Yebber Show

Click on photo to watch episode
Lunch With Yebber
#13 - Seafood Paradise
Lunch With Yebber
#12 - Jalapeno's Pepper
Lunch With Yebber
#11 - Eden Sanctuary


Y$1 = S$0.0747 (UP)


Business Highlight

Jane's Cake Station
The cake itself is soft and fluffy, with small little holes in the cake. When I put the cake into my mouth, I can feel the chocolate fudge melting in my mouth, and mixed with the cake. Simply divine!....." [Read more]

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