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June 2008
Have you heard Something is COMING to Yebber in June? Yap! June's going to be a super exciting month here at Yebber! We at Yebber are extremely excited about this and we shall be waiting with you in anticipation! More details will be available on Yebber's blog soon! Keep a look out for it!

Besides this, there's also many news in June for you. There's the Yebber$ top-up, we've a new staff on board the team, you can now own a piece of Yebber and also the return of Photo Hunt!!!

And to further enhance our communication with you, we're Twittering too! We will be keeping everyone updated of the latest promotions, contests, news and updates via Twitter! If you are already a Twitter user, don’t forget to Follow Yebber on Twitter!

Yebber$ Top-up and Adjustments
First introduced in 1 September 2007, members at are able to accumulate Yebber$ (Y$) when they participate in These activities include writing reviews, adding new businesses, posting photos in their reviews and others. And since 1 January 2008, members whom had accumulated the minimum required Y$500, were allowed to exchange their Y$ for cash.

After 5 months of implementation and monitoring, the Yebber team saw a need to make the following adjustments:

With effect from 1 June 2008, the exchange of Y$ will be disabled from the 1st to the 7th of each month.

With effect from 1 July 2008, members will need to maintain a minimum of Y$200 in their Y$ account.

We see some Yebbers reaching the claimable amount of Y$500 and the implementation of the residual value will delay their claims. As such, the team has decided to top up Y$200 to all Yebbers who accumulate at least Y$500 as at the end of June 2008. [Read more]

Helloooo Kris!
To help grow and make Yebber a better community, we’re happy to have Kris Tan on board the team!

Here’s a short blurb from him…

Hi! This is Kris and I am the new add-on to the Yebber team. Before joining Claudia on the team, I had prior work experience in the Air Force as a regular, in Wedding photography and in Real Estate. I am quite involved in social media and I am very excited at the prospects of this job. I also look forward to helping Yebber as much as I can while getting to know the Yebber community. See you guys soon!

Own a Piece of Yebber!
Some of you might have seen people wearing this before and you might wonder where you can buy them? Now you can get one too! As quantity and sizes are limited, all orders will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

This is how the Yebber Tee looks like…

There are 3 versions for the Yebber Tee: Honeycomb polo, dry-fit Polo and dry-fit tshirt. Sizes available S, M, L and XL.

Each selling at only S$25!

To place an order, please email the following to info (at) yebber (dot) com.


My name is: Contact me at: Or email me at: I want to order: [ ] pcs of Honeycomb polo in [ ] size. [ ] pcs of Dry-fit polo in [ ] size. [ ] pcs of Dry-fit tshirt in [ ] size.

We will contact you to arrange for collection or postage. Postage charges apply.

Photo Hunt #2
From now till 20th June 2008, members are invited to take part in this fun activity. If you’ve got all 3 answers correct, you’ll stand a chance to win Y$100*!

Are you up for the challenge? Here are the 3 shots abstracted from different places and different photographers. Can you spot who and where these pictures are from?

Click here for more information

Double Y$ Rewarded!

In May, Yebber team issued a challenge to members to write reviews on non-food related businesses. Many members took up the challenge and they’ve all received their deserving Double Y$ in their account. Congrats to all!

After this challenge, we discovered many of you can actually do very good reviews of other businesses and services in Singapore. We hope you will continue to share your experiences in all businesses and services at Yebber.

Look out for more opportunities to earn Double Y$! Coming real soon! :)
June's Y$ Exchange Rate @ Y$1 = S$0.0657 (Down)