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March 2008

More than a year ago, two gentlemen were looking for a place to voice their thoughts and complains on the web. They were not able to find any sites that they felt was suitable for the purpose. After some thoughts, they've decided to start their very own site so that their friends and families could voice their thoughts too. After a few months of coding and brainstorming, Yebber was born. In March 2007, started her life journey in the Internet world.

Today, one year after, Yebber has grown. All thanks to you, our members and supporters. We will continue to improve our site and bring you an even better experience at

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New Features on Yebber

[Yebber Mobile]

You can now surf on your mobile! Yebber will auto detect your mobile browser when you visit our website on your mobile phone. You can choose either to view it on the mobile version or the standard web version.

On the mobile version of Yebber, you can view latest reviews posted and search for reviews that's available on Yebber. Get information on the go, wherever whenever! If you're lost and want someone to help recommend somewhere to go, you can also login and try get some help from the Yebbers at the shoutbox. If there's someone there, we're share they're more than willing to share information with you.

More features on our mobile site will be made available soon. Stay tune for them.

[Yebber Blog]

To better announce news and latest updates with you, we've decided to move all our news to our own blog. is now live!

You can also subscribe to Yebber's News feed at

Something Fun coming your way real soon! Watch out for the announcement on our blog!

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You can now maximise the shoutbox on Yebber in a new window...

more new features coming soon... our team is working hard on them.

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We are slowly adding in more sites for our friends from around the world. If you've been to any of these places and have got reviews to share, keep them coming. Yebber$* will also be rewarded for reviews posted! Don't forget to share the good news to your friends from abroad too!

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