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March 2009

Yebber$ Expiry on 1st April!

We have mentioned about Yebber$ expiry in Nov's Newsletter and have blogged about it. Don't let your hard earned Yebber$ expire! Some of the important points to note:

1) Un-exchanged Y$ will expire in one year from the month that you earned it.

2) All Yebber$ will expire if member is inactive for more than 3 months.

To prevent the above from happening, review constantly and exchange your Yebber$ when you meet the minimum requirements.

Happy writing Yebbers!


Read more about the Yebber$ expiry here!


Yebber is Featured in Channel News Asia

Great news! Yebber is being featured on Channel News Asia's "That's IT" and it will be aired on the following dates and timings:

Tues 17th March 09 - 8.31PM, 11.31PM
Wed 18th March 09 - 1.32PM
Thurs, 19th March 09 - 5.32PM

Turn your TVs on and don't miss it!


New Look, New Features!

Finally! A new look for!

The team at Yebber has worked very hard for this and we would like to highlight what's new at Yebber.


Read more about the new features here!


Lunch With Yebber Show

Click on photo to watch episode
Lunch With Yebber
#13 - Seafood Paradise
Lunch With Yebber
#12 - Jalapeno's Pepper
Lunch With Yebber
#11 - Eden Sanctuary


Y$1 = S$0.0736 (UP)


Business Highlight

Jimmy Textiles
Jimmy Textile was the only one who was able to give a definite quotation based on our accurate measurements....." [Read more]

Do you know?

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