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Photo Hunt #03

Since the launch of Yebber's Photo Gallery, we see an increase in posting of photos with every reviews. And to make viewing photos more fun, Yebber is starting its Photo Hunt contest.

Do you have an eye for details? Have you been viewing most of the photos while you're reading the reviews? Can you identify which business these photos belong to and who took them?

From now till 22th August 2008, members are invited to take part in this fun activity. If you've got all 3 answers correct, you'll stand a chance to win Y$100*!

Are you up for the challenge? Here are the 3 shots abstracted from different places and different photographers. Can you spot who and where these pictures are from? Submit your answers using the form below to take part. Winners will be announced on Yebber's blog and in September's Newsletter. *There will be total of 3 winners each winning Y$100. Should there be more than 3 winners with correct answers, a draw will be conducted to determine the winners. Y$ will be credited to winners in September 2008.

Photo Hunt #03

HINT: Check out the Photo Gallery

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