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Tancho's Latest Review
 01 Jun 2007 at 1:54 am

From the shop name, you would expect only Discus in this shop. When you step in the shop, you will be convinced that they are really professional in Discus.

I hardly see an aquarium operate in such a neat, dry and clean environment. Most aquarium are wet on the floor and untidy with pails of fishes on the floor.

I like the way they arrange their show tank. Only two rows of tanks with various type of Discus. Spacious walk way that make us feel comfortable when viewing the fishes. You just have the urge to buy somethings.

The boss, Peter, is a Discus lover and a Discus breeder. I understand that all Discus on display are in-house breed. His Discus ever won in our National Discus Competition. Do pay a visit to this aquarium if you are a discus lover.

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