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agnes.chen.9674's Latest Review
 15 Sep 2012 at 7:59 pm

I have been Angelsky loyal customer since 2010 and is okay with their facial services until recently.

I was enticed to sign up 2 facial packages in addition to my on-going facial package. I ended up having at least 20 facials to last me for 2 years which I plan to go for facial at least once a month. However to my frustration, after I sign up more packages and the company collected the full package fee this is what happened:

1. Every time I called up to make bookings, the answer given is "full house" on all non-office hours.

2. Any earlier or any later than your open date for bookings turn me away in sour. "Please call again when the date is exactly right". Earlier, staff timetable not out yet. Later, sorry fully booked.

3. Even if so lucky manage to book, any changes in my plan. "Sorry, put you on waiting list of 10 persons before you." So you wait till the next month 'open for bookings' again.

The management ought to have reasonably expect office workers like us availability fo...   

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