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GJ Inspire's Latest Review
 17 May 2007 at 3:59 pm

GJ Inspire is inaugurated with the thought of giving joy to the masses, especially the ladies. With that in mind, inspiration flowed through and we thought, β€œYes! An online business providing a one-stop indulgence for the ladies would be nice.” – GJ Inspire – Where Inspiration Draws From Giving Joy is born.

GJ Inspire is set up by the 4 of us (3 gals and a guy). With the sophisticated preference of both genders, our selected items not only will attract the ladies but also the guys. Only stuff that all of us agree is nice will be presented to you. So you will go out with your partner or go for that special date with confidence!

We started off featuring accessories only but we realize accessories are not the only things that ladies need, there are more to it! So we decided to expand our product range. This is a place where we render a wide variety of fashion items for you to do your own mix and match!

More importantly, we love to see you gals all doll up with chic and ...   

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