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 28 Feb 2008 at 11:37 am

Jeju is not a very posh, grand Korean Restaurant. It is kind of family base I guess. Quite small, can also consider. abit cosy place. Owner is a Korean couple.

The price is rather reasonable. Remember dont order too much just in case you cant finished all the food. I was introduce to this restaurants by my Uni-classmate. 6 of us went there to celebrate one of the girl's birthday. We ordered 4dishes plus 3bowl of white rice, total bill is about S$112 (inclusive of 7% GST,etc). Each of us paying about $18.70 , so still consider affordable.

The food there are quite nice. I dont really like Korean food as I cant take spicy food but somehow, this place, the food is not that hot,spicy as I think it will be. I will visit this place again for sure.

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