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shasa88's Latest Review
 16 Jul 2013 at 1:38 am

I rebonded my hair for $235 in cabello casa(Toa Payoh) which i thought was expensive but just wanted to give this place a try since Alan Tan convinced me that they use good products. I washed my hair on the 3rd day just to find a fairly large area of the inner section of my hair curled. The rebonding was not done well.

Ive been rebonding my hair for the past 7 years till today and never experienced this problem once. I went to them and they told me they have to wash and blow-dry my hair to see where the problem was and I agreed. They washed and then ALAN TAN took over to blow dry my hair. He started pulling my hair straight and drying it. I called over to my sister to help me observe whether there were any apparent curls.

My sister pointed out to him to where she observed the curls and he started being rude telling her to “zip her mouth and sit down”. I started talking he stopped blow drying my hair and said “Do you still want me to blow dry your hair?” and even told me t...   

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