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 08 Feb 2014 at 12:49 pm

I went to uBeau for Brazilian Waxing like Leanie Pig just before CNY. And guess what, I received exactly the same treatment or maybe worst!!! Being a seasoned Brazilian waxer, this is the most painful & humiliating experience I ever had. Leanie Pig is very merciful in her words.

The same lady, Liz, did it for me. She looked unhappy when I just took the normal waxing instead of the more expensive service that she recommended. However, it never occur to me that I can be treated like a pig on a slaughtering table. In the midst of it, she said in a sneering & rude manner that my sensitive part has bled because I took the normal service. No wonder it was so, very painful that I took a while to catch my breath... I have a reasonably high threshold for pain but it became so unbearable and with her attitude while I observed her doing the waxing, I asked her to stop even when it's incomplete. She practically gave a "heck care" look & walked out of the room even while I was dr...   

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