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chingwilliam's Latest Review
 19 Sep 2014 at 11:50 am

To The F&B Manager:-

I would like to complain about my dinning experience at the Lobby Lounge for Your Gourmet High Tea on 18 Sep 2014. 1st and foremost your staff did not even acknowledge me standing outside to be served. I'm not the only customer queuing to enter. The lounge was empty for your information and she just walk around, don't know what she was doing. After a good 10 minutes then she decided to attend to us. But when (Ang Moh) was around she runs to serve them. Is there discrimination between Singaporean? We are paying guest as well. Then comes the food selection. It was totally different from info i gather from your web site. I think it have less then 50% of whats should be avaliable. Attach is link from your web page Orchard/offers/September 2014 Weekday Gourmet High Tea.pdf Then the food trays does not have tongs and customers ended up having to use hands to pick up food. This is dirty and disgusting, I'm not dinning in...   

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