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Chrisland621Xpress2u's Latest Review
 02 Aug 2008 at 8:46 pm

Hi there,

Fuel pricing keep rocketing nowadays:( Plus the hot weather killing us. All this make people headache... Why still drive here and there looking for cheap electronics product?

Gadgets Xpress will help you to solve this problem... I always keep this promise, Express To your Doorsteps, it really Fast & Easy.

Your one stop shopping for electronics products! Kindly note that all my products will be distributed directly from overseas supplier which explains why i'm able to sell the products at a much lower price compared to other retail and online retail shops.
CUT the middleman and SAVE!
In view of the savings arising from the stocking cost as well as other handling fees, i'm able to pass on the savings to YOU as my value customer.

I'm using FEDEX/DHL that 3-5days INSURED DELIVERY. So,is really nothing to worried about... Fast & Convenient!

Once try, you will definately love it:)

Email me if you have any questio...   

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Hihi, i'm a newbie in Yebber. This is my first try here:) Feel a bit nervous o...(althought always deal with Singaporean in ebay...) ok, i'm a Online Electronic Distributor who specialized on Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Camcorder and other electronic product. Xpress To Your Doorsteps... is always the slogan i mention. SAVE, FAST and CONVENIENT! Don't need to drive or run around... Especially in this FUEL price rocketing period. Ofcourse other then this, i want to meet more new friend lo... C ya...
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