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blackie29's Latest Review
 20 Sep 2008 at 6:56 pm

I am utterly disappointed with the grooming service at Woof Woof today even though I've been their customer since day one.

I made an appointment and brought my shih tze down to Woof Woof today for full grooming. I was told to bring him there at 1pm and was reassured by the new groomer that it'll only take around 2-3hrs to groom my dog even though I pre-empted her that my dog is aggressive. The new groomer replied that she knows as it was written in his record.

I arrived there at 1.30pm and was again assured that the grooming session will only take 2-3hrs. So I went to Vivo City for some shopping. At ard 3.40pm I suddenly remember I forgot to remind the new groomer that I usually want my dog to be groomed shorter than that of a puppy cut so I called to inform her. To my amazement I was told that she had only just started to groom my dog.

I was still thinking maybe they required more time to calm my dog down and was in the midst of grooming him so I told her about my request and...   

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