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 19 May 2007 at 1:06 am

What can I say about this bookshop? Many books! Well actually this is the same for most bookshops. I was particularly impressed by the level of service.....they ( about 3 indoor assistants) actually took about 15 minutes to hunt for Archimedes Effect by Tom Clancy.....a mystery in itself. Finally they said they could not find it....even though the computer system said they had 2 left. This was at Marina Sq...

So they looked at the nearest oulets...and bingo....there was one at Centrepoint. So I duly made my reservation and in 35 minutes I appeared at Centrepoint to collect my book. Do not ask me how I did is the Archimedes Effect.

What happened to the computer system? I do not know. But their prompt service and diligent effort is what I remember.....can't imagine 3 people looking for a book that decides to evade amusing....

Just glad I manage to get my Net Force 10!

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Love to eat and read. Fav books by Tom Clancy. Can spend the whole weekend at the pool side with T Clancy Novels.
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