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 10 Jan 2009 at 4:14 pm
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Ho Coc Beach, (nearest beach to Ho Chi Minh):

Who? 3rdworldwhitegirl & family

When? June 2008

What? Ho Coc Beach is basically a few shacks/huts on a very nice beach. If you don’t want to take the 5 hr. trip from Ho Chi Minh up coast to Nha Trang/Mui Ne , then this is an alternative. However, this is NOT a resort, by any stretch of the imagination.

Where? About 2 hours drive south of Ho Chi Minh city. You can get there by bus, or arrange private car from your HCM hotel, (as we did), for a price of US$90/ea. way.

Why? Well, basically we HAD made the 5hr. bus trip up to Mui Ne on a previous trip to Vietnam, and this time we wanted to see if it was worthwhile to try beaching closer to HCM. Plus, the price was darn cheap!

Noted: This place is really nothing more than a local’s hangout, or would appeal to the backpacking set. We stayed in the “family” accomodation, (see photo), which was a shack made of…GLASS. Yes, that’s right, the walls were m...   

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