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 13 Mar 2009 at 4:30 pm

I was at the Serangoon Gardens Way outlet on Tuesday nite 10/03/09 and would like to highlight the following issues which I found very disappointing:-

My order was processed at 19:18 as per attached receipt

1. the soup was served after 5 minutes, this was ok

2. the chicken was served at 19:30 within expectation, however the portion for the shoestring fries and beans was considerably smaller as compared to those served to other diners

3. at 19:40 I enquired about my order and the young man wearing his hat in reverse behind the counter said "your order is on the way, since it extra cut and thicker it takes a longer time to cook"

4. I was finally served the ribeye at 19:52 - 34 minutes after I placed my order which is
extremely long time to wait and long after my wife had finished her chicken. The server apologized for having me wait so long

5.the steak was just warm, not sizzling as I would have expected, two thoughts came to my mind
a. it was sitting on the cou...   

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