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 25 May 2009 at 10:27 am

I went for my appt with Chen Kang - Body Massage @ East Point, yesterday 24th May 2009 & I was disappointed. My appt @ 5.30pm, I get into @ 5.45pm, the timing.. no problem for me but the masseurs mostly are Chinese Nationals, I got hard time... conversing with them.

This masseur (Aiko) who attended to me, was good, though she apply much pressure, its ok for me as I am big but then, she did too much at the back that, when the times-up, she didnt massage the front of me, when I signal to her, how come she didnt massage, she said already 1hr.

I think the management should highlight to their masseurs, that we come for body massage, the masseurs should know.. how to divide the time for the back & the front, right?

So, am I getting a back massage or body massage, which I paid the package of $525 & they dont have any website or an email, for me to highlight it.

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