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 23 Sep 2009 at 1:36 am

REMEMBER NOT TO SIGN UP ANY MEMBERSHIP (silver/gold card) at GENTING & Resorts World Casino (Singapore)- Its a SCAM!!
We went Genting to gamble regulary & was offered silvercard membership at a low price 4500RM which can double points earn at both casino in Genting & Singapore Resorts World @Sentosa bound to open in yr2010, we were told members is free entry to Singapore Casino & Star Cruise 20% off. also enjoy discount at Singapore Resorts world hotel & theme park sentosa. Their malaysia team will be coming to Singapore also after opening. We are assured paying only 1500RM for above mentioned as they submit false report to company & claim referral fee for members.

They will find 3 names from their hotels database & claim referral fee 1000RM each name submitted so members (we) can get back 3000RM. We are told referral fee & card will receive within 3wks.
Everything sound attractive and we actually only pay 1500rm after getting our...   

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