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 09 Nov 2009 at 1:29 pm

i am usually there on week days, why? I hate to Q-ing.

The place is big, sound system wasn't bad, I feel.

Atmosphere, ok lah. Best is you have to create your own with your group of friends.

The worst thing I felt was!!! story begins;
We are usually there, and we use to open average of 5 to 8 bottles of Hennessy. We do love the place much, till one day;
We was drinking, dancing and enjoying, then comes the Live Band, we dance through their singing which actually helps them to create a atmosphere (because other patrons will only sitting most of the time, which was not fun at all.)
After thay sang a few songs, we decided to request a song.

As we were sitting right in the center, beside the stage. One of my friend approach the stage side and wave to a singer, William Scorpion.
Guest what!!! my friend was like a fool over there waving and requesting a song from them, AND HE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK, OR GIVE A SIGHT AT MY FRIEND? I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS KIND OF ENTER...   

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