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 01 Feb 2010 at 7:13 pm

My 1st trip to Rider's Cafe on 31 Jan 2010. I'm very anxious about it, 1stly cos I was really hungry as I didn't take my breakfast & I heard weekend breakfast menu is till 2pm (thumbs up!) 2ndly, my buddy has been raving about this place, so I must check it out by hook or crook.

So we decided to celebrate my elder sis's bday on a Sunday noon at Rider's Cafe.

So sis & I shared the Rider's Breakfast which consist of 2pcs of triangle toast bread, scramble eggs, 2 sausages, very nice baked beans, few grapes & a strawberry jam. This is very yummilicious except the toast is a little cold for the butter to melt & spread easily.

Then we shared another main, Seafood Marinara! This is absolutely yummy! The sauce is just nice seafood is fresh except the linguine is a little overcooked but overall it is very very delicious!

Ambience is definitely the kinda weekend morning or afternoon where u wanna spend it with a relaxing mind & mood ;) love it.

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Passion for food & travelling. Loves to snap shots of places I travel to especially the food. Even in our little island, Singapore, small it may be but still there're so many beautiful places & food to explore.
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