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shashi82's Latest Review
 19 May 2010 at 11:37 am

I do not find challenger a good option.

I went there for Canon Pocket DIGI Camera. Salesman keeps luring us for Nikon. However, there is no problem as Nikon is also a good brand.

What I find BAD about this store is that they are little cheat when it comes to EMI option. Here is the instance what happened to us:

We were interested for Canon powershot 200 IS,
which they coted us S$599. I think it was overpriced. however it was looking good to me as they were providing me some freebies like 8GB memory card, a small tripod, a screen protector and a camera bag. well, everything okay to us. When I told them that I would be paying by credit card with EMI option, they told me that you have to pay full price S$649 if you want EMI option. I said okay I'll go for it. but, suddenly they were replacing things with another items which was not good as compared to that they were giving us if we would have opted to pay by cash. I cancel my deal with these.

When I went to Courts. They shown me la...   

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