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 18 Jun 2010 at 12:09 pm

Hello, friends,

This is the first review , and in fact , I am a marketing assistant in this company and I hope my personal review on our company can bring out some value to shoppers.

em...our company has been doing business between china and Singapore & Malaysia. Focusing on provide purchasing coordination service to merchandisers. It usually refers to sourcing, sample collection, factory engagement, QC checking etc.

These days, they start up Individual service and set up for this purpose. User can enjoy different service , Track detail status about their orders, DoorToDoor delivery and sometimes shopping promotion. (this is the department I am working in :-) )

Do you like shopping? not really only clothes and bags, you can shop any thing (like lighting set, animal clipper etc) . Please register a user in

Are you looking for some item , not available in Singapore Malaysia? Please register a user in


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