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 01 Jul 2010 at 5:01 pm
   The birthday chocolate lollipop and milk girl picture

This is the 1st time i come across this in Singapore and i totally love it! You can actually decorate and design chocolates. They use edible food ink to print on the chocolates, all you need to do is to send them pictures and they will do the rest.

Ordering the chocolates for the 1st time, I wasn't too sure what to do, but they were very patient in explaining it to me. They even helped me come up with a Happy Birthday design for a lollipop for my friend's son. I was very delighted to receive the chocolate lollipop because it looks so pretty! They can print almost anything on the chocolate for you, just need to send them the soft copy.

My friend tried her son's chocolate and told me it actually taste good. She was expecting it to taste like those cheap chocolates but it didn't! A little bit sweet but the chocolate is very fragrant and the cocoa taste is very delicious. Both mother and child finished the chocolate in one day!

I ordered a 2nd time from them for a company dinner with o...   

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