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 08 Jun 2012 at 5:31 am
   Pier Boxing- Outdoor Self Defence Training Lessons Along Singapore River.   Kwok Daiha - Chief Instructor Of Pier Boxing.   Pier Boxing- Outdoor Self Defence Training Lessons Along Singapore River.

The Characteristics of Pier Boxing that makes it a Great Modern Day Self Defence System in Singapore.

Pier Boxing’s philosophy: Pier boxing as a Self Defence Martial Art advocates the practice of staying out of trouble, not confronting aggressors, relenting & fleeing whenever possible, dodging over blocking when assaulted, breaking through when trapped. Only when there is no other way out, then resort to combat to escape the deadly situation.

Straightforward: The 27 moves of Pier Boxing are meant for everyday individuals without any former martial arts training, to be used as their last line of defence in a life threatening attack. The moves are direct, simple to learn & remember, depending largely on human instinct & reaction speed. Hence, there are no stances, striking, blocking or dodging moves that demand a well conditioned body to perform. There are also no special instructions in the moves which takes a long time ...   

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