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 15 Sep 2010 at 2:16 am

My first experience at The Arena was bad with great disappointment. First was the attitude from the Bouncers which look as if they want to eat you up and talking like some 'ah bengs'. Secondly the feel of entering the place is as if I'm some kind of criminal. The ushers and bouncer will just checked your bags (understand this is normal procedure) and 'stare' at you till you enter the place.

My friends and I ordered Martell but my friend commented it was too 'light'. We feedback to the staffs but the explanation given was 'due to the manufacture month of the bottle, the liquor is light'. The staff change a bottle for us (we ordered 3 bottles and they change only 1). The staff asked my friend to take down the registration no. to verify from the Martell website if we don't trust the bottle is genuine. Staff even told my friend not to find trouble there. Seriously, I have been to a few clubs and never encounter such service before. Is this what Singapore is expecting in terms of service ...   

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