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 25 Feb 2011 at 3:31 pm

Sales order process is quite a hassle: it was difficult to order online - their order form requires so much details and is confusing. I tried calling the sales mobile no., but no one picked up the phone. Eventually, I made the order through sms and the shop owner & sales person quoted me different prices which confuses me even further.

Delivery service was not reliable: As we didn't have space in the fridge to contain 2 cakes - I paid extra for delivery at 1.45pm, so that we may serve the cake at 2pm. But the delivery was late (arrived only around 2.07pm). If that was the case, I might as well pick it up myself - at least I would have better assurance.

I asked for the invoice 3 times, and specifically called the day before to ensure that the invoice is included. Before the delivery guy left, I asked if the invoice was in the cake boxes & he confirmed it. But in the end, the invoice was still nowhere to be found because the sales person forgot to include the invoice.


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