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 04 Jun 2011 at 11:57 pm


Gosh I just signed up for a 10x package for 4066S$ plus GST!

I just had 2 sessions, each session I lost appx 700 grams (this figure arises from the measurement my consultant made on my problem areas after treatment before plastic wrap).

Despite having paid the full amount on the spot, my consultant tried her full best to sell me more sessions (5x detox coz I have darker skin tone around my neck, eyes, knees etc) and her explaination is due to bad chemicals in my body which could not detox itself unless I sign up for LWM 5x detox sessions. After asking several times whether I will see result after the 10 sessions I have paid, my consultant said its hard - no promise but if you buy more sessions there is gaurantee (during the consultation and payment she assured me 110% that I will surely lost weight appx 10kg despite only having 10 sessions, but later on she sounded different)

With this comment from my consultant, I feel really cheated and stupid!

Please don't be ...   

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