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Write Reviews & Win $100 in cash every fortnightly!

Win $100!

Hurry! This contest will be discontinued by end 2007. That means there are only 1 more bi-weekly winners to be crowned!

Every 15th and the last day of the month, the team will pick ONE winner from the Bi-Weekly Top 5 Yebbers, who will bring home $100 in cash!

Next Qualifying Period : 16 December - 31 December 2007

How do I get on the Bi-Weekly Qualifying Yebbers?

Keep writing! Write quality reviews that best describe your feeling. You can write about shopping, entertainment or dining experiences. You can comment on any products, services, people's behaviour or even a place of interest. The more you write, the more chances for you to win.

How do you decide on a winner?

The team will pick the winning member by deciding on who has the most useful and informative reviews for the qualifying period based on the guildlines stated below. With effect from 1 Aug 2007, the bi-weekly winner must have at least 14 reviews evenly spread out within the qualifying period. In the event if there is no winner for the period due to insufficient number of reviews or lack of quality review, the same reviews for the period will be carried forward to next qualifying period to decide on the next winner.


1. The no. of review ( The more the better ) 2. The length of the review ( 15 lines or more would be better ) 3. The quality of the review ( Good quality stands a better chance ) 4. The usefulness of the review ( The thumbup/thumbdown click by viewers ) 5. The timeliness of the review ( Happened recently instead of many months back ) 6. The frequency of the review ( Writing more often is better than posting many reviews at one go )

Disqualified reviews Disqualified reviews will still be displayed but will not be included for winning consideration.

1. Reviews which are extremely short 2. Reviews which contain mainly promotional messages 3. Reviews which are badly written 4. Reviews which are not of local context 5. Reviews which are copied from other posts 6. Reviews which are more than possible ( in terms of no. of post ) within a day

Reviews that will be removed 1. Reviews of personal attack 2. Reviews of politics

Can the same person be the winner for more than one period?

Yes, the same person may win on different quarter provided he or she has been writing for the past two months for not less than 20 reviews per month. Write constantly can be beneficial for future contest.

So why wait, let's get started now. You've got nothing to lose!