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3 Pickering Street
China Square Central #01-40/41
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Telephone: (65) 6327-3622
Restaurants » Italian, Fusion

Garlic and olive oil have long been known for their health benefits and healing properties. It is no wonder that the foundations of this restaurant rest on these two health-promoting spices. ‘Aglio’, in Italian, means garlic, and ‘olio’ means olive.

Being the first restaurant to localise pasta, the Italian fare served at Aglio Olio comes with a Singapore twist – the use of chilli padi as a substitute for the usual chilli flakes –culminating in the birth of a dish to call Singapore’s very own.

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  1. clicktokill
     24 Mar 2009 at 2:02 pm

    The first time I ate at Aglio Olio, was the day that I first started work at my old company. Then it was still opposite Maxwell and I remembered the interior being dark and the climate cold. Freezing would be a better word. But after ordering, I figured I knew why they lowered the temperature.

    My soon-to-be colleagues ordered cream and tomato based pasta ranging from pepperoni, salmon, bacon, mushroom. Someone ordered the restaurant's namesake - mushroom aglio olio. The smells are something different entirely. You know its pasta and yet it has this underlying scent to it that hints of something more.

    I ordered cream-based seafood pasta with the normal spicy level.

    That's the unique thing about Aglio Olio. You get to choose the level of spicyness. There's mild (for the wussies), normal, medium and realllllly spicy. I've always stuck to normal, I've seen daredevils who tried medium come out with their faces red and streaked with perspiration.

    The cream base is thick, tasty and delicious. It had that "oomph" that some pasta shops seem to lack. The seafood pasta came with an abundance of squid, prawn and fish and with a lone mussel to finish things off.

    I'd recommend going for the dinner set. Comes with lime juice (or you can change the drink and pay additional depending on the cost), chicken wings and the soup of the day. The fried chicken was really yummy, even without the thai sweet chilli they serve along with it. When you can, order the herb and mosarella garlic bread. Cheesy, crispy, hot and goes real way with the soup of the day (no matter what it may be).

    Real good food, real good rates. Plus, they've got really nice serving crew as well.

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    1. Nicnic
       16 Jun 2008 at 10:31 am

      Ive been a supporter of aglio olio since it first started out in china square years back.

      my family and i love their pasta, both cream based and the olio style. al dente definitely. with the little excitement from the chilli padi, i think it really suits the singaporean taste!

      their pasta only comes in 2 forms: cream base or aglio olio style. and your next decision is the ingredient which you can choose from like pepperoni, bacon, mushroom etc. (no mixing)

      but pls do not 'act smart' like me and order the extra spicy version, even my dad couldnt take it. just 'normal' or 'spicy' should be enough for most.

      even though im alrd pretty satisfied with their food to be their customer for sucha long time, but, one change ill hope to see, is wider variety pls? bring back the tiramisu!

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      Rating given:4 stars
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