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 13 Aug 2012 at 5:48 pm

Catered dinner for 30 pax to be served at 6pm last Saturday for daughter's 1st year birthday. In the end, the caterer did not even turn up and I had to dabao from the nearby zi char stall for my hungry guests! Very irresponsible caterer!

I called on Saturday morning to confirm the delivery of the food with the caterer. Was told they'll deliver the food around 5pm plus. At 5.45pm, I called to enquire why the food is still not delivered. Was told 10mins later that the driver was stuck in a jam and will arrived in 15mins time. At 6.20pm, I called at least 20 times and nobody picked up the call. It was not until we called the Head Office and was given another number. We managed to contact him and was told he is trying to contact the driver. Had to make umpteen calls to 'force' them to commit to a time the driver is going to deliver. By 6.45pm, we gave him an ultimatum that, if he still can't confirm their driver's whereabouts in 5mins, we'll cancel the order. I had to rush to the neares...   

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