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 18 Oct 2012 at 4:00 am

i shopped at the somerset store and the staff that was incharge of the fitting was extremely rude and very arrogant. i wanted to complain to the management about a very bad service happened to me yesterday. he was a malay wearing spec. i was trying some clothes and there was no queue, i understand their SOP that only 4 garments allowed and so i followed it, what i dont like was how the way he talked to me like i need to queue again to try the other pieces and it was like no one trying at all that time! so i need to go out again with those four pieces i tried and he approached if im going to take it all i said no i need to try the other things first,, and he bluntly told me that "so u cannot bring it back to th fitting room", told him i know. i went back to FR and tried the other items. after i finished i wanted to choose which those items i like so i put it on the table and this guy told me infront of other customers that i couldnt put the clothes on the table!! Common' how can i ...   

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