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B1 24-25 Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
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Shopping » Fashion

An Aussie brand

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    » 13 Reviews for “Cotton On (Wisma) ” - Shopping

  1. che.bonifacio.sulit
     18 Oct 2012 at 4:00 am

    i shopped at the somerset store and the staff that was incharge of the fitting was extremely rude and very arrogant. i wanted to complain to the management about a very bad service happened to me yesterday. he was a malay wearing spec. i was trying some clothes and there was no queue, i understand their SOP that only 4 garments allowed and so i followed it, what i dont like was how the way he talked to me like i need to queue again to try the other pieces and it was like no one trying at all that time! so i need to go out again with those four pieces i tried and he approached if im going to take it all i said no i need to try the other things first,, and he bluntly told me that "so u cannot bring it back to th fitting room", told him i know. i went back to FR and tried the other items. after i finished i wanted to choose which those items i like so i put it on the table and this guy told me infront of other customers that i couldnt put the clothes on the table!! Common' how can i checked which one i like and where am i going to put it! everything there seems like "YOU CANNOT"!! and worst its like scolding me infront of other customers.

    At the counter, while paying this guy came to the counter and talked to the cashier in a MALAY language so told them that i know what they talking about and they shouldnt tell that infront of me. I can tell that he s saying something bad based on their actuation n body language..

    I swear i will never ever go to that store anymore. No customer service - rude staff.. i wanted to return my item actually!

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    1. PinkHoney
       08 Jul 2011 at 4:44 pm

      Like their plain tanks, shorts and selected chiffon affordable place to get basics for my daily wear. Used to get alot of their flats but not lasting, the sole start to peel away after like 2 months?! Well what u pay is what u get, i just throw them out n get a new pair.

      Can be quite a pain pushing through the racks of clothes with uber load music blasting away in most cotton on shops. The racks are always stuff to the max and pretty difficult to look for sizes without having to shove and push the hangers, hence resulting in messy display most of the time.

      I will just pop in the stores if anything catches my eye or if i have something in mind to buy. Otherwise, i won't want to stay long in the shop to browse as it is too hectic & annoying with load music! Customer service is average only and i do encounter some staff with unfriendly attitude.

      Do hope they will improve on the customer experience in the shops with neater & 'browser friendly' display as well as better customer service.

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      1. Lanie
         20 May 2011 at 12:45 pm

        I was shopping in cotton on somerset branch yesterday may 19, 2011 the staff name nash who work in the fitting room was so rude and extremely arrogant.he doesnt care about good customer service at all,he even disrespected us and wanted to engage in a fight.we were looking for the manager but he was not around,and we had nobody to complain about this rude staff. I would not recommend to shop in this branch to anyone visiting singapore, i hope cotton on australia will look at this matter..after all your product has good value but onlly arrogant and rude staff .

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