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 25 Apr 2009 at 1:08 am

That was Friday night and we almost couldn't get any place up at the Ben & Jerry's.. but when we stepped into Oosh.. it was almost empty..

We were so disappointed and pissed because of the service. They didn't show any appreciation and offended us as the guests. They treated us like we couldn't afford to pay..

1. When we arrived, they showed us the way and let us sit then one of the waitress said that no shorts are allowed, so she asked us to go to another part of place with very rude manners. After that, we thought it was just not a good day for that waitress, but it turned out all the waitress were very arrogant, ignorant , smile-less, and suddenly you feel unwelcome..

2 We wanted to have one jug of drinks, they said they couldn't serve it because we had to order at least a bottle. We didn't understand, but the waitress also didn't bother to explain. Then we finally ordered 4 glasses of green tea to start our nights. But it happened that the bill came (around 5 min after) and ...   

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