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22 Dempsey Road
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Telephone: (65) 6475-0002
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Tanglin Village has awakened with Oosh, an alfresco dining restaurant and bar which is a stone's throw away from Orchard Road. Located in the midst of lush green nature, Oosh is a one stop resort-like retreat themed with multiple venues.

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  1. susis
     25 Apr 2009 at 1:08 am

    That was Friday night and we almost couldn't get any place up at the Ben & Jerry's.. but when we stepped into Oosh.. it was almost empty..

    We were so disappointed and pissed because of the service. They didn't show any appreciation and offended us as the guests. They treated us like we couldn't afford to pay..

    1. When we arrived, they showed us the way and let us sit then one of the waitress said that no shorts are allowed, so she asked us to go to another part of place with very rude manners. After that, we thought it was just not a good day for that waitress, but it turned out all the waitress were very arrogant, ignorant , smile-less, and suddenly you feel unwelcome..

    2 We wanted to have one jug of drinks, they said they couldn't serve it because we had to order at least a bottle. We didn't understand, but the waitress also didn't bother to explain. Then we finally ordered 4 glasses of green tea to start our nights. But it happened that the bill came (around 5 min after) and the waitress asked "Can I hold any of your credit card first?".. I almost cannot believe this, were they scared that we couldn't afford to pay? Really felt humiliated and unappreciated. Then I said "We can pay by cash, can't we?" Then the waitress said "Will you order any of alcohol?".. I directly said "No, we just pay NOW!"

    Upon that manners, we really didn't want to stay any longer in that place, and better move to any another bars near there than we have to spent another minutes, being seen like we couldn't afford 4 glasses of greentea..

    We just instantly paid the bill and stepped out without any other intention to recommend or to come back.. When we stepped out the place, none of the waitress say thank you or goodnight..

    I think they should put two or more banners (with proper lights) at the gate stating that they only accept particular ppl and dress code, alcohol only for the order and have minimum price for the bill. I really wish that I didn't go there and more, I will never ever come back anymore..

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    1. 414
       11 Jan 2009 at 4:22 pm

      They have great place, nice enviroment ambience, but i swear will not go to OOSH anymore!

      I hold my wedding in OOSH thought it going to be a wonderful wedding for me , but it turn out to be a nightmare! They try to over charge me when i was not sober enough to settle the bills. I order buffet for 220 pax but in the end , they end up charging me 300pax, which i dun even have so much guest. Is not right to try to play such old lousy tricks and gimmicks. I feel so cheated

      Insufficient Shark fins soup end up replace by tomato soup. Free flow of drinks end up my guests complain not enough of drinks, bar staff say the drink r finished. when i was busy entertaining guest.

      i was looking for server to serve me a beer, but i have been walking around no drink to be serve to me end up i went to the bar counter for a drinks.

      Even my both parents , my wife and myself dun even even a single drop of rice in our stomach for the whole night!

      I dont mind paying more for good food , ambience and service. But at least they have to show us the reason what they worth that much. Is the most terrible wedding i ever experience. I think even a small catering goup can do better

      1. Their Service is very bad. 2. NOt sufficient server. 3.Not efficent at all 4.Insufficient food 5.Not organise. 6. Things promise unable to deliver. 7. Boss is unreasonable.

      A word to say i feel been CONNED!

      Pls think twice before going there.

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      1. Mrs Smith
         17 Jun 2008 at 1:17 pm

        I am just going to ***** about The Bar. That is the Alfresco bar overlooking the Garden. They had about 5 waitresses scurrying around looking busy but it does not stop the service from being ridiculously slow.

        For some strange reason, the waitresses also never seem to notice your empty glasses. It will take at least 5 minutes each time before they notice our waving arms in the air. And that, may I repeat, is with an army of waitresses attending to the Alfresco Bar.

        The ambience was not too bad but the poor service was enough to turn me off that establishment for good. The drinks were also slightly overpriced but that would have been overlooked if the service was on par as I would be more than happy to pay for the time spent there.

        But will I want to go to the restaurant after this? I think not. I don't think I even want to go back to the bar again.

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