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 23 Aug 2013 at 12:12 pm
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" It’s a pretty small museum with exhibits that is awesome. Three levels on every nitty gritty things of the Paranakan Culture, this is indeed one of the most comprehensive collection of Paranakan Art you can ever find.

The Paranakan culture is one that is colourful and extremely exquisite and vibrant. The everyday items such as their clothing (Kebaya) are painful stitched with flowers and bird motifs while their wedding gifts are extravagantly cladded in gold and complicated sculptures.

In this humble building, you can also find a few pretty interesting details that intrigues us. While you enter the gate to the premises you can find a small cat statue at the base of the first column facing the entrance. This is the residential paranakan cat that was kept in memory. Looking up on your left a lady was looking out from the second level corridor watching your every move with a hint of shyness and laughter..."

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