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 21 Mar 2008 at 1:09 pm

Singapore service quality sucks in general...could be becuz its a vicious cycle...most of us live in HDB flats for the most part behave in boorish starts right at home...putting rubbish along the common corridors, karaoke without a thot for neighbors...neighbors..another strange many of us even exchange smiles in i am not saying things are any diff in pte estates or condos...been here 37 years...its cultural conditioning that most here lacking when friendliness is concerned...even in call ctrs right up to one even usually says"please wait" .its just wait, one second etc...i have a bunch of vendors who i bought lunch for over 3 one even went up to say Thanks specifically for the lunch was i disappointed NO...its the way the people here are...they tend to be more wary when serving "ang Mor' ..maybe Korean & Japanese only. for Indians & Filipinos, thai's looked on like foreign lab...we treat other Singaporeans a bit better but i...   

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