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1. SBS Transit

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 18 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 2.2777777777778 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"SBS buses are quite good in a sense that they are always there.... but not at night much.... well in some cases in other country like in malaysia. At my place you have to walk about 1.24 miles just only to the bus stop but you have to wait for the bus till up 3 to 4 hours, and thats we call that not a good service i think the buses in singapore ..." [Read more reviews about SBS Transit]

2. Singapore Airlines

Category: Airlines, Transportation
Reviews: 15 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 4.2 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
Photos of Singapore Airlines - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Airlines - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Airlines - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Airlines - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Airlines - Services
"Finally had the chance to take a 4.5hr ride to Shanghai on SQ biz class but only for 1-way which is better than having none. I was frankly a little disappointed at the biz class seats as I had expected partitioned seats like what I saw in their ads but than again it was my fault for not checking out the plane model to verify that. Service was obv..." [Read more reviews about Singapore Airlines]

3. Comfort Taxi

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 13 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 2.7692307692308 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
Photos of Comfort Taxi - Services
"It is one job that the employees have to pay their employer just to start working. It is one job that does not provide paid medical leave, CPF and working benefits, as well as, a stable income. It sounds to me like a horrible job given the amount of money taxi drivers are earning now and the attitude they get from irate customers. Even though I..." [Read more reviews about Comfort Taxi]

4. Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT)

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 9 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 3.7777777777778 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
Photos of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) - ServicesPhotos of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) - Services
"Actually, without the mandatory fine, people are already generally obeying the rules of not eating in the trains and stations. Its more of people who have their own defined theory like: its just plain water that I am drinking, the baby would be exempted... I think what we need more is to define to the wider audience, what is not allowable especi..." [Read more reviews about Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT)]

5. AirAsia

Category: Airlines, Transportation
Reviews: 9 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 2.5555555555556 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I last tried this airline on a KL trip and managed to get a nice rate at about $80 inclusive of luggage. The flight itself was short so no complains thankfully. The air crew was most usually smiley and accommodating to simple requests. However, they dont seem to have very good promotions recently. Even their $1 one-way promotion seems cheap at fi..." [Read more reviews about AirAsia]

6. SMRT Buses

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 7 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 2.4285714285714 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I love to get on SMRT Buses.. With the upgraded new Jap Designed Buses that are more eco-friendly, nicer seats, better space design and single sitters still available. Their routes are always LONG... No fiddle or shutter service for this one. I find their service extremely close to heart... The bus drivers are more casual, relaxed and graceful. I l..." [Read more reviews about SMRT Buses]

7. Sentosa Express

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 3 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 3.6666666666667 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"The monorail comes very fast and allows a great view of the "still-existing" scenery of Sentosa. However I find that S$3 a day might be a turn-off for tourists/chalet stayers. Would be great if the ez-link is used instead...." [Read more reviews about Sentosa Express]

8. DPEX Worldwide Express

Category: Courier Service, International, Services, Transportation
Reviews: 2 reviews 
Singapore  Review: 1 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"My parcel was suppose to be here today by 12pm. I called them office at 12:30pm and the staff said that it will arrive before 1pm. So I waited until 2pm, in case the driver was stuck in a traffic jam, called back again and the office was closed. I checked the tracking details at 3pm and the delivery was delayed. They didn't even give a reason. How ..." [Read more reviews about DPEX Worldwide Express]

9. Aeroline (Harbourfront)

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 2 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 4.5 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I took Aeroline to KL back in April 2006 and man, their service on board was great. Loved the HUGE, comfy seats, the food, the entertainment on board. I was glad to learn that it stopped at Corus Hotel too, for it was a mere 10 mins walk from Petronas Towers. Would love to take it again to KL if I can in the future. The ticket prices are a bit expe..." [Read more reviews about Aeroline (Harbourfront)]

10. Whizzcar

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 1 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 4 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"For the reason that the admin of this web site is working, no doubt very shortly it will be renowned, due to its quality contents. My web-site ... [url=]Fight in Bath Robe[/url]..." [Read more reviews about Whizzcar]

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