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yslau01's Latest Review
 07 Jul 2014 at 1:52 pm

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR (perhaps less)

Went to Spa Elements Cathay last week for a "Customised Diamond facial" promotion (S$26 for a supposedly UP$280 facial), courtesy of DBS bank.

Same old story about pushy beauticians only interested in selling you extra packages, but are actually not any better than you doing a DIY mask treatment yourself at home.

Kept saying "see, much better on this side after this treatment…" about three times during the facial, showing me the mirror each time, but I cannot honestly see any difference, I just did not want to speak up out of politeness.

Promotion also included a complimentary Stem Cell Body/ Face Ampoule (UP$60) for Cathay customers (no ampoule for ION customers), but when I asked, beautician cunningly said "oh, only if it is appropriate for your skin type, we will see first, okay…". After I declined all the additional treatments she advised, no surprises there, I DID NOT get the advertised ampoule.

What I got...   

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